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All-ceramic bridges

Gaps between teeth can be closed with fixed bridges, which replace the missing teeth. These bridges are supported by the neighbouring teeth. In certain circumstances, bridges can be made completely from ceramics, without any metal.

Compared to removable dentures, bridges offer more wearing comfort. Since they are permanently attached in the mouth, your bridge will soon feel just like your own teeth. A bridge gives you a strong bite and a natural smile without unsightly gaps.

Proven, aesthetic, biocompatible

Ceramic bridges for the visible anterior and posterior (molar) regions are a proven, aesthetic and biocompatible solution. Ceramic bridges are adapted in shade and shape to the natural tooth, making them practically invisible in the mouth.

Advantages of all-ceramic bridges:

Durability, functionality and stability thanks to craftsmanlike precision and great attention to technological detail. Naturally beautiful aesthetics through individual tooth shades and shapes. Excellent biocompatibility thanks to high-quality ceramics – no metal anywhere.

Each bridge is unique. Bridges are individually produced for each patient and each tooth, with great attention to detail. All-ceramic bridges are a valuable, highly individual type of restoration. A beautiful dentition that is free of blemishes gives you self-assurance, charisma and a better quality of life.

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