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Each gold inlay is unique

individual gold inlay
individual gold inlay

Golden inlays for the posterior (molar) region are a proven, long-lived and biocompatible solution. Golden inlays are modelled on the shape of the natural tooth, including the chewing surfaces, which are shaped to exhibit an immense amount of detail in order to ensure optimal chewing function and comfort. Golden inlays are precision restorations created jointly by dentists and dental technicians.


Decades of longevity and safety

Gold is a dental material that satisfies even high demands. Gold is used for inlays, crowns and bridges, however not in its pure form, but in the form of special dental alloys. Dental alloys used for inlays have a high gold content.

Whether in terms of durability, precision of fit or biocompatibility – gold is a proven and in many respects superior material. Golden inlays have been known to last for many decades.


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