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Ceramic inlays

If a tooth exhibits dental caries, the carious tissue is removed to preserve the tooth itself. The void (“hole”) created when removing the caries must be closed with a stable filling with tightly sealed margins that offers long-term stability.

Fillings can be made of a soft material that is introduced directly into the tooth by the dentist, or they can be restorations in the form of inlays. Inlays are fabricated outside the mouth, in the dental laboratory.

Delicate, aesthetic, biocompatible

individuelle Ceramic inlays
individuelle Ceramic inlays

Ceramic inlays for the posterior (molar) region are a proven, aesthetic and biocompatible solution. Ceramic inlays are modelled on the shade and shape of the natural tooth, including the chewing surfaces, which are shaped to exhibit an immense amount of detail in order to ensure optimal chewing function and comfort.


The most beautiful filling alternative

Ceramic inlays are precision restorations created jointly by dentists and dental technicians. Each ceramic inlay is unique. Thanks to their individual tooth shades and processing precision, ceramic inlays are practically invisible in the mouth. This aesthetic effect makes all-ceramic inlays the natural choice for any restorations in the visible region of the mouth.

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