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The Laboratory
The Laboratory

1 July 2003 marked the 30th anniversary of Froesch Dental Laboratory. I would like to take this opportunity to recount the history and development of our dental laboratory for our readers and to present our laboratory as it is today. 

I have always had my own ideas of what quality and service should look like. This was what prompted me on 1 July 1973 – over 30 years ago and only three months after certification as a Master Dental Technician – to open my own laboratory in Beuel. (Beuel is a district of Bonn, which was the West German capital at that time.) Thanks to a pleasant and fruitful partnership with our customers and suppliers, innovative technologies, biocompatible materials and methods and a high level of personal commitment, I was able to move the laboratory from the original 700-sq.-ft. premises to a site three times as large in 1977, with a staff of approximately 20 at the time. Then in 1986 we moved again, to our present site; at the time, our staff numbered 45, a figure that has largely remained constant since. 

Our services quickly came to include all of the proven technologies such as the all-ceramic systems Empress and Procera or the current favourite, the Cercon zirconia technique. Of course we also included implants and restorations with their variants and special resin materials for hypersensitive patients. In addition to my daily work in the laboratory, I have been serving the profession as a member of the examination board for Master Dental Technicians since 1975. In 1985 I became an officially appointed authorized expert. Both these tasks present interesting challenges, with quality improvement and quality assurance always on our minds. 

In order to keep up with our constant quality and service goals, the next step was membership in the German VUZ, the “Association for Comprehensive Dental Technology”. Together with eleven other laboratories, we founded this quality-oriented association of German dental laboratories in 1995. Today there are over 260 dental laboratories in the VUZ. Another great stride forward in terms of quality assurance was the foundation of the AUZ, the “Academy for Comprehensive Dental Technology”, a subsidiary organization of the VUZ. My staff and I successfully completed the Academy’s approximately 220 hours of continuing education within a period of two years.

Another result of the growing spirit of partnership is “ident”, a recently founded VUZ working group uniting eight laboratories from the area around Bonn, Köln, Remscheid and Siegen. This working group is set on collaborating on a number of joint projects. Transcending professional rivalry, we intend to benefit from synergies and engage in common professional activities.

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