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All-ceramic crowns

If your tooth is greatly damaged, a filling will often not be enough to restore its function and aesthetics. In this case, the tooth will have to be fitted with a crown. Providing a crown for a tooth is a measure to protect it. Crowns can be either full or partial, depending on how severely your tooth is damaged.

Safe, aesthetic, biocompatible

Ceramic crowns are safe, very aesthetic and biocompatible restorations. Ceramic inlays are modelled on the shade and shape of the natural tooth, making them invisible in the mouth. They are primarily used where your teeth are most visible: in the front (anterior) tooth region.

Each all-ceramic crown is unique

Each ceramic crown is unique and a customized precision object. Crowns are individually produced for each patient and each tooth, with great attention to detail. In the anterior region and in visible parts of the posterior region, ceramic crowns are like little hidden treasures.

Advantages of ceramic crowns

Durability, functionality and resistance thanks to craftsmanlike precision and great attention to technological detail. Natural aesthetics through individual tooth shades and shapes. Excellent biocompatibility thanks to high-quality ceramics – no metal anywhere.

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