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How does the NTI-tss work?

Often the symptoms previously described are triggered or aggravated by the fact that we excessively clench our teeth in our sleep, and for some of us, even during the day.

Try for yourself: the pencil test :

relaxation splints NTI-tss the pencil test
relaxation splints NTI-tss the pencil test

How is that related to my symptoms?

Studies with chronic headache patients indicate, that they clench their teeth 14 times harder at night than the "control group", i.e. persons without chonic headaches.The same study showed that while persons without symptoms tend to have less temporal muscle activity at night, patients with chronic headaches show twice as much muscle activity while sleeping than when awake. As you have been able to experience for yourself, the NTI-tss prevents excessive temporal muscle contraction, thus allowing them (and the patient) to relax and to reduce or even suppress associated symptoms.

Please note

Please note that this website and our brochures can only give a first indication on how the NTI works, and that only your dentist or other qualified physician can, based on a thorough examination, establish, whether a treatment with the NTI-tss is indicated and promising for your specific case.

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