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Individual shade matching

The right tooth shade makes all the difference

individual tooth color
individual tooth color

The correct individual tooth shade is an important part of the natural aesthetics and personality of dental restorations. We therefore take the definition of tooth shades and shapes for dental restorations very seriously. We have numerous tooth colours available for all-ceramic restorations as well as for ceramic or resin veneers. Ceramic materials facilitate particularly natural and aesthetic results in dental restorations due to their excellent processing features, specific material properties and customizable shades.

Ceramics give natural aesthetics

No material other than ceramics is used in the fabrication of all-ceramic inlays, crowns, bridges and veneers, avoiding a mixture of materials in the patient’s mouth. This benefits the biocompatibility of the dental restoration. Dental ceramics have material properties similar to those of the natural tooth. They are stable, transparent and have abrasion properties very similar to those of the natural dental enamel. They also allow the faithful reconstruction of the individual tooth shape.

Ceramics satisfy even the most discriminating tastes

Biocompatibility, longevity and excellent aesthetics – these are the properties that patients expect of dental restorations. Dental ceramics are highly sophisticated dental materials painstakingly developed to match just these expectations.

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